Man sells rare Nintendo game to help raise funds for Sherman boy

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SHERMAN, TX -- Most parents have to pry their kids away from video games, but for one Sherman boy and his family, a rare video game and an act of kindness are making a big difference in their lives.

"Stadium Event" is an original Nintendo game, considered a crown jewel for collectors and worth thousands of dollars, but the money from this particular copy is being used for good -- to help a Sherman man's 14 year old son.

"About 3 years ago, he developed an undiagnosed movement disorder where it has affected his ability to walk and basically anything that you would basically do like eat, stand up, sit down," Billy McDonald said.

When the medical expenses for McDonald's son, Trey, increased beyond a level they could afford, McDonald opened an account on the website Go Fund Me.

Donations came pouring in and some in the most unexpected way, like through a video game.

"At the end of the day these games are just pieces of plastic and you can help out someone that much with one piece of plastic? Why not," said Ryder Ortowski.

When Ortowski heard McDonald's story, he decided to sell his copy of "Stadium Event" that he recently found at a garage sale among a box of other games.

It fetched $5,600 on eBay, and he's donating all the funds to Trey.

"I think any parent would understand that, or any person with their mom or dad, their best friend," Ortowski said. "If they went through that same ordeal, then why not?"

McDonald says when he found out, he was speechless.

"It's the true christian spirit of loving other people, and helping other people and not being greedy and doing things for others," McDonald said.

McDonald says he is grateful for Ortowski and the community's donations.

He says they've now raised $8,000 which will all go to Trey's medical bills and home alterations for Trey's wheelchair.

McDonald says their family is hopeful for the future.

"Well the next step for Trey is he's going back to school Tuesday," McDonald said.
"Very happy," Trey said.
"He's very happy about it," McDonald said.

If you would like to help out Trey, you can find a link to their account at -

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