Man arrested in connection with deadly stabbing

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- Gainesville Police say a man has been arrested in connection with a Denton man's death.

43-year-old Victor Martinez was taken into custody Sunday and is being held for murder.

"He was hysterical and crying and he didn't know exactly what had happened but he was just trying to protect us," said Martinez's girlfriend, Melanie Mccoloumb.

She says he was acting in self defense when he stabbed 34-year-old, Johnny Smith, Friday night.

Police say the stabbing happened in the 700 block of Harvey Street.
Authorities say Smith was air-lifted to a Plano hospital, where he died.

Mccoloumb says Martinez didn't mean to kill Smith and he went straight to law enforcement when he learned about his death.

Mccoloumb said, "He went and took himself to the police station and turned himself in because he felt it was self-defense and he had a motive for going there, to protect our daughters."

Mccoloumb says her 13-year-old daughter was walking in the neighborhood with a friend Friday night, when Smith began following the two girls trying to talk to them.

Mccoloumb says Martinez saw what was happening from their porch and went to confront Smith, but Mccoloumb claims Smith wasn't alone.

Mccoloumb said, "All three ran out at him. One of them having a gun that he'd already shown to Victor and shot in the air, and he protected himself, and he did what I would do to protect my daughters."

Marvin Green, who lives down the road, says the incident has shaken the usually quiet neighborhood.

"Everybody's kinda tight-knit around here with everybody else, you know, a lot of people tend to everybody else around here and this is something you just don't hear about happening. It don't make sense," said Green.

Smith's family says they believe he was randomly attacked. Smith leaves behind two young daughters and a son.

Investigators are still speaking with witnesses to determine what led to the stabbing.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Gainesville Police Department or the Crime Tips Hotline.