Man kicks out cruiser window, escapes police custody in Ardmore

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Forty year old, Stacey Cox, was arrested Friday on misdemeanor warrants in both Stephens and Jefferson County, but he escaped after kicking through the window of an officer's vehicle.
Sergeant Ryan Hunnicutt with the Ardmore Police Department, says an officer spotted smoke coming up from a wooded area behind Star Automotive in Ardmore.
Upon investigation, they found Cox camping out.
"They arrested him, put him in the back of a patrol car, and then went back to collect his bags and make sure the campfire was out. When they returned to the car the window had been kicked out and the man was gone." (Hunnicutt)
Hunnicutt says it appears Cox had been camping there for a couple days, at most. He also says Cox has yet to be arrested, as far as, APD knows.

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