Man, 10-year-old boy killed in Montague Co. plane crash

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MONTAGUE COUNTY, TX - The fatal plane crash happened at around 3:40 Friday afternoon, six miles northeast of Bowie.

Tony Fulton with Texas D.P.S. said two people died as a result of the crash.

51-year-old Lawrence Liptack, and a ten year old boy, believed to be his son.

One resident said her husband saw the plane going down.

"My husband was in Bowie on his way back from Montague and he had stated that he had seen the plane going down but he didn't see it crash. I was on my way to Bowie from Montague to show a house for work and I saw the smoke. I just figured something was burning and then I heard the scanners say it was a plane crash," said Stacy Hudson, a nearby resident.

Texas D.P.S. said that Liptack and the boy, both from Manvel Texas, were killed when the twin-engine Cessna 414 crashed on Lone Star Road, just north of Bowie.

Officials said the plane caught fire when it crashed into the field. Firefighters and emergency responders quickly put out the flames.

No word on what caused the plane to go down.

The F.A.A. is taking over the investigation into the crash.

One family said it's common to see planes flying overhead, but this tragedy came as a complete shock.

"It's frightening," said Charmin Stark, a local resident.

"It's a scary thought especially if you have land or a house involved in the area where the plane crashed at. Imagine how the people feel that own the land, you know, that people died there. So it's a pretty frightening deal," said D.C. Charmin, a local resident.

It's still unclear what caused the plane to crash.

we'll continue to follow this story and bring you more as the F.A.A. investigates.

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