Man arrested after robbery at Denison convenience store

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DENISON, TX - Denison police arrested 30-year-old Marcus Hart for robbery.

A good samaritan threw himself into the path of a would-be thief Thursday afternoon. Denison police said he stopped a robbery but suffered a bizarre injury in the process.

Denison police tell us Hart tried to steal several lottery tickets out of the C-Stop convenience store Thursday afternoon. But as Hart tried to get away, he was stopped by the store manager and a witness. Thursday, that witness tells us how he brought Hart down and why he walked away with bite marks.

Brandon Bond was making a delivery at C-Store convenience store Wednesday afternoon when he ran into a robbery in progress.

"The gentleman was trying to leave, rushing out the door and we kinda just met at the same time. He knocked all my beer over and as soon as he did that, instinct kinda just kicked in and I tackled him and took him to the ground," he said.

Bond tried to hold the man down, but the man fought back..

"I got bit, hadn't been bitten since I was probably seven years old and he just had me on the ground and turned his head. I kinda had a headlock on him and he turns his head right into my arm and just bit me," he said.

Denison police Lt. Mike Eppler said the suspect walked into the C-Store on Highway 691 and Texoma Parkway around around 1:45 Thursday afternoon.

"The suspect tried to take some lottery tickets from the store and store personnel stopped the guy at the door and actually wound up tackling him to the ground," he said.

Eppler said although bond managed to pin the would be robber down, he doesn't advise citizens to try to apprehend suspects.

"It had a positive outcome. But people really need to be careful who they're dealing with because you don't know what that person might be thinking and what their intentions are," he said.

Bond said he and the store manager were a bit concerned.

"A little bit, I was a little worried he might have a gun or not," Bond said.

But he doesn't regret his actions.

"I think anybody else could've done it. It's just one of those things. You see a guy in need and you just go to help him," said Bond.

Denison fire and EMS treated both Bond and Hart at the scene.
Lt. Eppler said Hart will be charged with robbery.

The lottery tickets that were taken have been recovered by the store.

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