Attempted child abduction shakes Anna community

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ANNA, TX - The Anna Police Department is looking for a man who they said tried to lure two young girls to his vehicle. Now the department is asking help from the public and other agencies to track down the suspect.

The City of Anna is on alert. Police said a man tried to lure two young girls to his vehicle Monday afternoon after they were dropped off by the school bus near their neighborhood.

"It's scary. It's really scary because there's kids all around, so it's really scary," said Amanda McCluskey, an Anna resident.

According to Anna Police, the man approached the two girls on Foster Crossing and Pecan Grove. After failing to lure the two girls to his vehicle, he then took pictures of them with his cell phone before they ran off.

"The mother of the 11-year-old child called and advised us of the situation and wanted us to come check the area, which of course, that's a priority call for us," said Sergeant Jeff Caponera with the Anna Police Department.

Caponera said one of the young girls was able to provide a brief description of the man and his vehicle.

"He's a white male in his early 40's, or in his 40's, with a beard and he was slim. As far as the description of the vehicle, we know it was a dark colored, possibly a Ford Ranger," said Caponera.

Anna Police said they've sent out the description to surrounding agencies to see if anybody else has had a similar incident. The Collin County Sheriff's Office is also reviewing their sex offender registry for any type of match on the suspect.

"The advice that I could give is to follow what these young girls did. They didn't approach the vehicle, which is extremely important. They ran and immediately told an adult," said Caponera.

Anna parents urge cooperation in keeping their children safe.

"I think we just kind of have to watch out as a community for each other. Everybody keep their eyes open and watch for each others kids," said McCluskey.

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