Man caught on camera vandalizing campaign sign

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BRYAN COUNTY,OK -- Police are looking for a person who recently vandalized a campaign sign.

"It wasn't very polite. I don't know what would cause the individual to do that," said Prudy Sullivan.

Wednesday, Prudy Sullivan woke up after seeing a Facebook post, to find out that one of her campaign signs had been defaced and destroyed.

Thursday she showed us how vandals burned one side of the sign and painted an obscenity on it.

The worst part she says, is that this isn't the first time.

"The first time it was vandalized; basically they took it off the T-post, turned it upside down as a joke I guess. The second time you can tell where they had backed into it to try and knock it down. The third time they just tore it completely down," said Sullivan.

So Sullivan got permission from the property owner to set up a hidden camera to catch whoever was behind the vandalism.

The next day she did, when they struck again.

Bryan County Sheriff Ken Golden says the person responsible could face a misdemeanor charge for the offense.

"For a misdemeanor charge, you know, they would have to show up in court, and I guess the judge could do whatever he wanted," said Ken Golden.

As for Sullivan, she says she will just move forward with her campaign.

"I've tried to run a clean campaign. I've not bothered anyone else's property, and I just don't like it," said Sullivan.

"It's just one of the hazards of running a campaign; you're going to spend money and you're going to lose signs," said Golden.

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