Mack Alford escapee captured in Oklahoma City

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STRINGTOWN, OK -- An inmate that escaped Monday from the Mack Alford Correctional Center in Stringtown has been captured.

Around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, escapee Robert Jackson was captured in Oklahoma City, 17 hours after disappearing Monday night from Mack Alford Correctional Center.

Officials from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections confirmed the capture and said they had been searching for the 29 year old with several agencies and were taking every precaution in case Jackson was armed.

"That's something that's standard whenever someone's escaped; you always just want to treat them with caution," said Public Relation Officer Jerry Massie.

Jackson was serving a 7-year sentence for 2nd degree burglary, concealing stolen property, and eluding officers.

The D-O-C's Jerry Massie says, Jackson was not being held in a secure area due to Mack Alford's classification system, that determines the housing an inmate is put in.

"The unit he escaped from was a minimum security unit, so it's a question of being able to avoid anyone seeing him walk off," said Massie.

The Stringtown police chief says someone called the Atoka McDonald's Monday evening asking where Mac Alford was located.

That employee alerted Stringtown police who contacted correctional officers.

Police believe that the caller picked up Jackson in a planned part of the escape and took him to Oklahoma City before Jackson was caught.

Back in April, 56 year old Kenneth Beasley was apprehended a day after escaping another Correctional Center in Atoka County and just a few weeks ago, 42 year old Chance Andrews turned himself back in to Mack Alford after escaping for 6 hours.

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