Man arrested for sexual assault of 80-year old woman with Alzeimer's

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COLBERT,OK -- A man is arrested after sexually assaulting an elderly woman at a retirement home.

"This is strange. This is something I've not seen," said Colbert Police Chief Jeff Goerke.

On July third, employees at Southern Pointe Living Center in Colbert noticed an unfamiliar man walk into the lobby looking for a friend who lived there, but he told them he didn't remember her name.

An affidavit states the man pointed to a woman and went to visit her in her room. The same man, reportedly came to visit the woman the next day.

"The supervisor went down and at that time observed the assault taking place," said Goerke.

The affidavit identifies the man as 58-year old Ronnie Peters.

It states that during the visit on July 4, Peters had pulled a privacy curtain closed and sexually assaulted the 80-year old Alzheimer's patient. Employees then called Colbert Police.

"There was sufficient evidence, or sufficient probable cause at that time to believe the individual had committed the crime, so he was arrested at that time and transported to jail," said Goerke.

Chief Jeff Goerke says Peters was arrested for Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of a vulnerable adult and is being held on a $100,000 bond.

"It's hard to believe that he done something like that," said a relative.

We spoke with one of Peters' close family members, who asked not to be identified.

She says Peters has a history of mental problems, which may have contributed to this assault.

"He's a good boy, but he needs mental help. He don't need to be where he's at; he needs mental help," said the relative.

We reached out to Southern Pointe Living Center on Wednesday. They declined to go on camera, and said they had no video proof of the crime and have turned the case over to authorities.

Goerke says they have sent some evidence, obtained from the scene to a lab and says the woman did not appear to be injured and because of her Alzheimer's she did not remember the incident.

"It is an incapacitated individual, or a vunerable individual, and that's one of the largest concerns," said Goerke.