Man shot in Atoka Co. scuffle

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ATOKA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA -- Atoka County Sheriff Gary McCool says two half-brothers were fighting and the altercation ended in gunshots.

At 10:50 this morning, deputies with the Atoka County Sheriff's Office went out to 11-66 South Beaver Creek Road, where they found 33 year-old David Aills with a gunshot wound to his upper shoulder and torso.

McCool says Aills had called his half-brother, 21 year-old Joshua David Hardy, and threatened him.

Investigators say the two met up, got in a fight and a shotgun went off in the home off Beaver Creek Road.

McCool says then, the fight went outside, where another shot was fired, that wounded Aills.

Aills was medi-vaced to a Texas hospital, where McCool says he is in good condition.

Sheriff McCool says the shooting was not an accident.

Charges have not been filed against either man. McCool says they will present the facts to the District Attorney.

We'll continue to bring you the latest details in this developing story.