Manager of a Marietta storage facility caught stealing from customers

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MARIETTA, OK -- The manager of a Love County storage facility was arrested Wednesday, after authorities say they caught him stealing from his customer's storage units.

The Marietta E-Z storage company website says, "Our facility is secure so you can rest assured knowing your valuable items are safe from thieves..."
But now the owner says they're going to have to earn that trust back.

"I am heartsick. This is not how my husband and I wanted our customers to be treated or to even have any concern about the security of their items," said Sally Cowan.

After her husband died in 2010, Sally became the owner of E-Z storage in Marietta, and David Davis became manager.

Cowan said, "For the first several years everything was wonderful. Lately, I've realized that things were not being managed properly and some of the accounts were not being credited."

Cowan says her husband always prided himself on customer service and that's why she was shocked and disappointed to learn about Davis' arrest Wednesday, after deputies say they found stolen property in Davis' possession.

"It disturbs me greatly that we haven't protected our customers but we will be moving forward and doing that in every way we can," said Cowan.

Love County Sheriff, Joe Russell, says deputies searched the storage units after receiving a tip from a customer earlier this week.

"And when they opened some, they found some of the stolen stuff inside the storage building that wasn't rented," said Russell.

Russell says they also found some stolen items in Davis' home.

"We expect more charges to be filed on him and we also expect some more people to be, some more arrest warrants to be issued for other people," said Russell.

Cowan says she plans on hiring new employees and increasing her facility's security measures.

Cowan said, "I personally will be taking care of the business for a while and I'm reaching out to all the customers that I can get ahold of to please come by and check their units, touch base with me."

Sheriff Russell says Davis remains in Love County jail and his first court appearance is set for Monday.

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