Marshall County Residents Asked to Check Cell Phone Information

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MARSHALL COUNTY - Many residents in the County have been paying 911 cell phone fees for other counties. Marshall County residents who have paid 911 cell phone fees before January, 2011 are due a credit on their cell phone bill. Residents who activated their cell phone outside Marshall County are most likely owed the credit. The location where people activate a cell phone can become the ’Primary Place of Use’ (PPU) in the phone company records. The PPU should contain your physical address. The PPU also is an indication to the phone company whether or not you are in a 9-1-1 Fee area. If the PPU is incorrect, the phone company may owe you a sizeable credit on 911 fees.

To determine if your PPU or ‘Primary Place of Use’ is correct for AT&T cell phones, call 888-444-4410. Press option 2 for individual wireless services, then 0 to speak with a Business & User Care Representative. After entering your 10-digit cell phone number, you will be connected to a customer service representative. Check that your ‘Primary Place of Use’ is your current physical address in Marshall County. If the AT&T Representative is unfamiliar with this request, please provide the detailed instructions that are listed below.

You may receive up to a $6.00 credit per phone for each year that your cell phone bill has been incorrect. The Marshall County 911 Coordinator received a $64.00 credit on her family’s cell phone bill after correcting their information. Take a moment to check your ‘Primary Place of Use.’ You may have a credit waiting for you. You will also help your local 911 Center.

Detailed AT&T Instructions
1 Login to Telegence System
2 Go to Profile
3 Update Primary Place of Use