Marshall County begins a new recycling program

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Rodney Forbis owns the La Grande restaurant In Madil. He's started Marshall County's very first public roll-off location after learning about a free recycling program offered by the Choctaw Nation.

Forbis says, "I just had seen a lot of the cardboard, the styrofoam, the plastic, the cans, that was going into our dumpster and didn't like seeing it going to the landfill."

Choctaw Nation Recycling Coordinator, Cyndi James, says interest in the Durant-based program has grown so much since its beginning in 2010 that they've had to start a waiting list for those wanting to start a roll off location.

"Everybody has gotten to the point, you know, we need to do something to save this earth for future generations and right now they're looking at, you know, what can I do to help out."

James says they pick up at each location, on average, once a week.

"We have, right now, fifty roll-offs throughout Choctaw Nation, plus the one here and we have one in Denison."

Marshall County Chamber of Commerce President, Robert Holliday, has also been taking action to get additional roll-off locations.

"Personally, I notice with my children, my family, we would have a lot of plastics that we would throw into the dumpster going to the landfill, knowing that would take years to deposit somewhere."

Holliday says he expects that the program will continue to expand throughout Marshall County.

"Marshall County chamber has encouraged the Kingston and the Madill area to do this and I would think that more would be involved once they're aware that this is a possibility."

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