Elderly abuse cases on the rise in southern Okla.

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MADILL, OK -- Two people in Marshall County have been arrested this week in separate elderly abuse cases.

"if it's not money or drugs, it's usually for some type of prescription pills," explained Marshall County Undersheriff Danny Cryer.

20-year-old Lexus Davis was arrested Monday for felony aggravated assault and battery on an elderly person. Davis reportedly beat her grandmother on Sunday after a dispute over money.

"Her grandmother didn't want to give her the cash, so Lexus physically assaulted her grandmother seriously enough to put her in the hospital," Cryer said.

He says Davis' grandmother is still in the hospital.

"Grandmother was a cancer patient, who wasn't in real good physical health to begin with, and this assault has definitely caused some complications with her cancer treatments."

Cryer says they've seen an increase recently in these types of abuse.

"I don't exactly know what's caused the rise in it, but we're working more and more cases, and of course we've undergone some additional training from adult protective services. Signs and things to look for," said Cryer.

He says 49-year-old Ronald Gilmore of Madill was arrested Tuesday morning for the same charge after getting into an argument with his father, also over money.

"The father is probably in his eighties. [He] had just undergone a triple bypass. The son pushed him and then kicked him a couple times in the chest."

Cryer encourages everyone to keep an eye on elderly relatives and neighbors who seem to be isolated or may not be receiving proper care.

"If they suspect any type of elderly abuse, don't hesitate to contact local law enforcement."

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