Marshall Co. man accused of molesting fifth victim

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MADILL, OK--A Marshall county man accused of sexually abusing four minors is behind bars again after a 5th victim comes forward.

Randolph Derebery was arrested again Tuesday on charges of lewd molestation after authorities said a fifth victim came forward. This time his bond was set at 1.9 million dollars a great deal more than his previous bonds.

Randolph Derebery has bonded out three different times in the past month for three separate sex crimes against four children. He was arrested again Tuesday for lewd molestation after a joint investigation into the claims of a fifth victim.

"He's exactly where he need to be right now I think it's too early in the investigation to call him a serial molester at this point but he's certainly headed in that direction this is victim number five" said Undersheriff Donny Raley.

Derebery's bond was set at 1.9 million dollars. Tomorrow a judge will decided whether or not this bond will be lowered like the previous bonds were.

"we've always asked for a high bond the judge certainly has his reasons for lowering a bond but we were very pleased with the bond that we Derebery received today" said Undersheriff Donny Raley.

Derebery was first arrested for lewd molestation of two children under the age of 16 in early April in the weeks following. Another victim came forward and was arrested for Rape of a minor. The fourth victim came forward shortly after and Derebery was then arrested for lewd act with a child under the age of 16.

"We still believe there may be other victims out there" said Undersheriff Donny Raley.

Marshall County Undersheriff Donny Raley said he hopes the high bond will keep Derebery in jail so other potential victims won't be afraid to come forward.

"And as long as he's out walking the street then they are in fear because of things he's told them in the past" said Undersheriff Donny Raley.

Dereberry is due in court this Friday for the first case involving two victims. He is now facing 5 Felony offenses. if convicted could face up to 20 years in prison for every offense

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