Marshall County Sheriff to retire

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MADILL, OK - A legendary Texoma sheriff announces he will hang up his hat at the end of his term.

73-year-old Marshall County Sheriff Bob Wilder said after serving the county for 15 years, it's time to let someone else take over.

"Straight out of high school I went to work for the FBI then on my 21st birthday I went to work on the Oklahoma City Police Department," Sheriff Wilder said.

After 30 years with the Oklahoma city police, and working his way up to chief of police, Wilder said the plan was to move to Marshall County and retire by the lake, but things did not go as he expected.

Wilder was appointed by the governor to serve as the Alcohol Beverages Law Enforcement Commissioner.

"Then in 1997 there was a major investigation going on here with the state and federal authorities and the newly elected sheriff was arrested," Wilder said. "Following that I was asked to take the position."

With 55 years in law enforcement, Wilder said the case that is foremost in his memory is the 1987 homicide known as the Sirloin Stockade Sasscare.

"I had just been appointed in fact a couple days before to detective," Wilder said. "And Sunday night I was contacted that there had been a multiple murder there were six people got killed and put in a freeze there at the restaurant in the city."

In 2010, Wilder was inducted into the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame, but said his most rewarding achievement is serving the people of Marshall County.

Wilder's Undersheriff Donny Raley said, "I have learned so much in the last ten years that its remarkable. The things that I have been able to learn just working side by side with him on."

"I've just had a good career," Wilder said. "I have met with three presidents. I have been invited to the White House. Met President Reagan."

Wilder said the three candidates seeking his position are: current undersheriff, Donny Raley, former deputy, Ed Kent and Gayla Ainsworth.

He said he plans to step down when the new sheriff takes office.

The primary election is set for June 26th.

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