Mayor, Board of Commissioners vote to allow Railroad Right of Way operation

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Carter County, Okla. The Mayor and Board of Commissioners voted "yes" to allow the Ardmore Development Authority to develop the Railroad Right of Way on 6.285 acres of City Property.

Brian Carter, President of the Ardmore Development Authority, says this rail park is the only one of its kind in Oklahoma, and it will provide ample benefits to Ardmore.

"It equates investments, it will equate jobs and it equates our community being the crossroads in ways other towns will not be, Carter said."

The rail park sits on property at the Ardmore Industrial Airpark and is owned by the City of Ardmore, the ADA, private land owners and developers.

On Tuesday night the last two requirements to allow Railroad Right of Way to operate was finalized by the ADA and City of Ardmore.

Trains carrying any kind of commodity will be allowed to use the Railroad Right of Way.The Ardmore Development Authority will pay the City of Ardmore $10,000 for the use of the rail line.