Mayors for Meals

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 was national Mayors for Meals day. Nine mayors and two county judges from Cooke, Grayson and Fannin counties all pitched in to help in the fight against senior hunger right here in Texoma.

"Meals on Wheels is a great asset for Grayson County and for Sherman so the Mayors for Meals program allows us to give a little publicity to the program, and they do a great job over there feeding those who wouldn't eat otherwise," said Sherman Mayor Bill Magers.

Denison Mayor Robery Brady said, "Awareness is what its all about. You know they wake up everyday and go to the refrigerator and open the door and there's food available. That's not true for everybody."

Mayor Brady fills in when volunteers call in sick, and shared just how rewarding that experience is. "Well you walk to the door and knock on the door and bring them their food for the day. How does that make you feel? I mean, it fills my heart."

Mayor Magers in Sherman had a personal staff... his four sons. "We started this when I was first elected mayor. It's an opportunity for my sons to see firsthand some of the things that need to be happening in our society. They have a chance to give back and the folks really enjoy seeing them," Magers said.

Both Mayors say this one of the few opportunities they get as a community to give back. "Of all the organizations we support as a community and as an area, Meals on Wheels probably does more than any of the rest of them. By far," Brady said.

Go to for more information about Meals on Wheels of Texoma.

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