Mead house explosion injures two

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MEAD, OK-Two people were severely burned when a propane tank exploded in Bryan county Monday afternoon.

"I just heard a loud boom. I came outside and I saw people running toward the fire with a water hose and I got the fire extinguisher and ran over here."

Jeremy Jones lives just across from where the explosion happened in Mead.

"It was crazy, I was shaking. Everyone was running around hollering," he said.

Lakewood Fire Chief, Paul Weber said the blast happened around 3:20 p.m. inside a home along Timber Lane.

"We had a house exploded while they were in the process to fill up a propane tank." (Weber)

He said that explosion blew off two of the mobile home's walls and started a fire. A woman waiting for the propane truck driver and the driver himself were taken to M.C.S.O. with burns.

"The fire was out. We were told we have two victims with burns on them," said Weber.

"She had, her hair was all burnt, the propane guy was burned up pretty bad," said Jones.

Weber said the people who own the home were not there when the blast happened and the woman who was at the scene has not been identified.

He warns residents using propane to keep up with proper maintenance.

"Just have your propane tanks checked. Shifting on the ground, lines been in place too long, anything can go wrong," said Weber.

Weber said the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal will be investigating the blast.

Both victims are still in the hospital, no names have been released.