Meals on Wheels of Texoma in need of volunteers

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DENISON, TX -- Meals on Wheels of Texoma got some good news this week. They're receiving a $15,000 grant next year, from the county.

County commissioners granted the organization the money, which enables them to apply for a more substantial grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The money they hope to receive will go towards weekend meals. And while they're grateful for the grant what they really need to keep rolling isn't money.

Carol Pennell and Betty Reynolds have been friends for a long time. And now, they're taking that friendship, on the road.

The two bring warm meals to those in need, through Meals on Wheels of Texoma.

"I really want to help people who can't get out and help themselves," said Betty Reynolds, a volunteer with Meals on Wheels.

Now, Meals on Wheels needs the hard work of people like Reynolds and Pennell more than ever. They're desperately short on volunteers.

"We've got people that because they're so strong for us and love us so much that are doubling up and its wearing them out also. So we would like to have as many volunteers that we can get," said Linda Jay, Operations Manager for Meals on Wheels of Texoma.

Denison, Bonham and Gainesville areas are all short on drivers. When no other drivers are available to deliver, employees step up to make those deliveries. And Meals on Wheels picks up the gas bill.

With fuel prices averaging around $3.60 a gallon in North Texas, that's squeezing their budget.

Pennell and Reynolds say all it takes is one delivery for a volunteer to get hooked.

"It's rewarding. Very rewarding. Just to see them. You knock on the door and sometimes you have to wait for them to get there. And when they get there they're happy, they're glad they're appreciative. It just brings a real joy. Very rewarding," said Carol Pennell, a volunteer with Meals on Wheels..

"They all appreciate what we do," said Reynolds.

If you'd like to volunteer with the organization, you can contact the Meals on Wheels of Texoma at (903) 786-3351.

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