Meet the candidates for Johnston Co. sheriff

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK - Meet the two candidates hoping to win your vote for Johnston County Sheriff.

Jon Smith is for the Democratic Party.

"I have actually have twenty-four years experience in the sheriff's office, all right here in Johnston County," Smith said. "Served as sheriff for twelve years from 1993 to 2004."

Republican candidate is Ray Dickerson.

"I have six years in law enforcement, a master's degree in criminal justice and a bachelor's in crime scene investigation," Dickerson said.

Dickerson teaches criminal justice for Kaplan University. He said as sheriff, he would give his deputies in depth training on crime scene investigation.

"My main concern is that deputies lack the training in crime scene investigation, so that's one of the areas I will improve their training on," Dickerson said.

Smith said he agrees changes need to be made and if elected as Johnston County Sheriff, the changes would start from day one.

"Most of it, from the beginning day, will be administration changes and policies put into place," Smith said.

Dickerson said protecting the community isn't always about reacting, but preventing.

"i want to start a youth law enforcement camp," Dickerson said. "It will help kids build character, avoid peer pressure. I want their parents involved too."

Smith said his experience and honesty making him the best choice.

"It's always the battle of good versus evil," Smith said. "That's where the sheriff stands, they are on the good side and that's what I enjoy about it. Serving the people."

Dickerson said he hopes to win back the citizen's trust in the sheriff's office.

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