Mercy hospital Tishomingo implements Telestroke program

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TISHOMINGO, OK -- A new program at Mercy hospital in Tishomingo will bring specialized doctors to stroke patients instead of having to bring the patients to them, when every second counts.

"This is an absolute game-changer," said Reynolds.

Saltiel said, "It gives us in a small rural community, access to a neurologist, real time, they can see the patient, the patient can see them."

Physician's assistant, Steve Saltiel, and Registered Nurse, Robert Reynolds, say with the new Telestroke program, just implemented Thursday at the Mercy hospital in Tishomingo, a neurologist can virtually attend to patients who have just suffered a stroke and not risk losing any time by having to fly the patient to the specialist.

"Time is brain. Time is muscle. We can give them the medicine that is actually going to help solve the problem instead of just stabilizing the patient, then getting them to Oklahoma City or a larger facility," said Reynolds.

"Now, we can actually start the treatment hopefully start to solve the problem, get blood flow to that part of the brain, and limit the damage done," said Reynolds.

"All of the tests that we do, the x-rays, the CT scans that we provide are right there on that screen so the doctor can see that real-time," says Mercy Tishomingo administrator, Gary Sharum.

He says the Telestroke will shorten patients' time in the hospital, and recovery time.

"It gives them their life back, quicker," said Sharum.

"We've all been touched by it and this will hopefully reduce the effects and give us a better chance to make sure that they have a long, healthy, happy life," said Reynolds.

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