Microbrewery is headed to Muenster

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MUENSTER, TX - The city of Muenster is known for its annual festival highlighting the city's German heritage. But one Texas man is hoping to start his own tradition in the city with a dream that's been brewing for quite some time.

Stefen Windham is a entrepreneur who's always had a love for beer.

Two-years ago he opened his first brewery In Krum, Texas. But his operation and aspirations outgrew his limited space...

Now Windham is tapping into the city of Muenster.

"People have been talking about it for years, opening a small brewery, it just never happened," said Stefen Windham, brewery owner

But that's all about to change.

The city of Muenster will soon be home to a new microbrewery.

"Our zoning laws have never had anybody request zoning for the a brewery," said Stan Endres, Muenster city administrator.

Now that Windham has made that request, and the council has approved it, plans for the brewery are already in the works.

He said he's visited the area often, loves the people and thought Muenster just made sense.

"It was not a question of why Muenster but why not Muenster," said Windham.

Windham and his business partner funded and opened their first brewery nearly two years ago in Krum, Texas called Independent Ales.

He has five styles of beers and now plans to bring his experience and work ethic to Muenster.

"Amber, which is our flagship beer, we do a blonde ale, a black ale which is based off of a stout recipe, we also have a blonde ale and an IPA," said Windham.

Windham has applied for a brew-pub license that will allow his business to produce up to 10,000 barrels a year.

He can also distribute his beer outside of the establishment, serve food to customers and also sell beer that customers can take home with them.

He hopes Muenster is just as excited as he is.

"I think it will tie in to what they already have going. But it will also give them something they can stand behind and see as theirs," said Windham.

"The council is definitely glad to have him coming to Muenster," said Endres.

Windham said he cant wait to get the process started but has one message before he does.

"Watch out Shiner, Muenster's coming after you," said Windham.

Widham said he hopes to have Muenster Brewing and Company open for business in late Spring or early Summer of next year.

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