2 arrested after gun scare at Milburn Schools

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MILBURN, OK-Two people are now in custody after a Johnston county school district was put on lockdown Friday.

Milburn Public Schools was put on lockdown for 25 minutes after staff reported seeing suspicious persons on campus and one of them was holding what appeared to be a rifle. While the suspects were only found with a pellet gun, school officials said they can't be too careful.

"Anyone in school systems today with the care of children and their well-being and their safety , you don't try to figure out what kind of gun or weapon someone may be carrying."

Milburn Public Schools Superintendent, Bobby Waitman said one of the principals noticed two people, a 19-year-old man and a juvenile, walking towards campus around noon Friday. He said one of them later pointed what appeared to be a rifle towards the school, which prompted officials to put the schools on lockdown and call 911.

Johnston County Sheriff, Jon Smith, said as they arrived on scene, the men fled on foot but deputies caught up with them. Both were arrested on scene.

"There had been some issues earlier involving the juvenile and school authorities spotted them and saw that they had what they thought was a firearm at the time, which actually turned out to be a pellet rifle. But it's still an offensive weapon on school property," he said.

Sheriff Smith said both subjects are facing charges for trespassing, carrying an offensive weapon on school property and resisting arrest.

No names have been released. Classes resumed as soon as the lockdown was lifted.

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