Military mom surprises her sons for Christmas

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DURANT, OK -- Two little Durant boys got the surprise of a lifetime today. Morgan Downing was there as they received their unforgettable Christmas gift.

The annual Choctaw Daycare Christmas program started out like any other. All the kids sang their favorite carols for the packed auditorium. But little did these two, Jason and Josef Rodriguez, know while they were putting on a show, their mom, 1st Lieutenant Jennifer Rodriguez, was hiding in the back waiting to surprise them.

"Hopefully they run to me. I'm going to be bawling like a baby," Rodriguez said.

Jennifer has been serving our country in Afghanistan for the last nine months. Nine months too long for these two.

4-year-old Josef wrote a letter to Santa this year, and the first thing on his list -- he wanted his mom home. The letter touched the heart of his teacher, Kay Boydston.

"You're not expecting that from a child that is four years old. Every letter, you can walk down the halls here. I read one a while ago and it said 'I want my mommy home from Afghanistan' and so every day he would say that no matter what," Boydston said.

Santa delivered, and Josef, Jason and Jennifer are thrilled.

"I missed their hugs the most," Jennifer said.

She says being away from her kids is never easy.

"I don't like leaving my children, but I do love my job. I take care of my children with my job. The Army takes care of us," she said.

Jason is proud of her.

"She's nice and she's awesome. Well, she also fights for the freedom of us," he said.

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