Miss America has Texoma roots

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ADA, OK -- Many watched as Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America Sunday night, but to Davuluri's 3rd grade teacher, Mary Hatcher, it was a total shock.

"When I saw her I was like "woah" I wouldn't have ever recognize that's Nina, and I'm very excited because I taught Nina and her sister and it was just really exciting to see a former student of ours get to compete," Hatcher said.

Davuluri attended Homer Elementary School in Ada from Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Jayci Harris, another Homer teacher, is a former classmate of Davuluri, and was also shocked to see her on national television.

"I was like "well how neat that's her" and it's just very neat to see somebody from Homer, I mean it's a great school but not a huge school, go all the way to Miss America," Harris said.

Hatcher says Davuluri was a happy girl who cared about getting good grades, but was rather quiet.

"It was shocking to see her compete in Miss America, but it wasn't shocking to see her do something great," said Hatcher.

Even though Davuluri only attended Homer for a few years, Hatcher says she serves as a great role model to all of their students.

"It's a challenge to them that no matter the home life they come from no matter what they're doing now, that they can make a big difference in the world later on," Hatcher said.

And with the recent backlash Davuluri has received about being the first Miss America of Indian descent, Hatcher says people should be more accepting of diversity in society.

"Even though she brought that culture with her, she is american and we need to learn to accept people of all cultures, and that we can work together to make America the place it is," Hatcher said.

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