Missing hunter found safe

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK -- A man is found safe after going missing for more than 14 hours.

Rescue crews say 56-year-old Gary Morrow of Colbert was with a group of friends at Blue River in Tishomingo Saturday evening when he was split up from the group.

Dozens searched from 9 p.m. Saturday night till 2 a.m. Sunday morning, but the search was called off due to the weather. They resumed the search at dawn. Rescue officials say Morrow found a road and was walking along it when he met up with them. Johnston County EMS checked him out and he was able to go home.

Fire officials say if you are ever lost in the woods, stay put.

"Just know your area. Have basic survival stuff with you. Whenever you leave your camp, let your buddies know where you're going, how long you're going to be gone. And if you do get lost, find a landmark, stay put and let the searchers come to you," captain Danny Walker said.

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