Former mobile home park employee indicted on child sex crimes

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COOKE COUNTY, TX - An employee of a mobile home park has been indicted for child sex crimes and he's been living and working just feet from children.

"It's not right. It's not right at all," said a nearby neighbor, who we will identify as Jack.

Residents of the mobile home park, who asked not to be identified, are still in shock after a man they trusted was accused of sexually assaulting children.

"People you think that wouldn't be like happens I guess," said Jack.

The Cooke County Court Clerk's office said 50-year-old David Wayne Wier was indicted on two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

The property owner told news 12 that Wier lived and worked at the mobile home park at 97 Stone Ridge Drive in Gainesville.

"He was the maintenance supervisor I guess you could say. He worked here. He lived here. I think he's been here 20 years or better," said Jack.

The property owner said all residents who lived at the mobile home park were informed of the situation with Wier and the allegations against him.

The owner told us Wier will never be allowed to work or live there again.

"I know if it were my kids I'd probably kill him," said another nearby neighbor."

Officials said Wier was arrested July 28th and has been in custody at the Cooke County Justice Center since.

He is being held on two bonds at $250,000 each..

His next court appearance is set for October 31st.

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