More businesses and jobs coming to Ardmore

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This will soon be the location of a new AT&T corporate store and Chick-Fil-A.
Both businesses were approved by city commissioners at Monday night's meeting and will be built on 12th Avenue between Rockford and Osage Street.
Ardmore resident, Katie Morgan, says she can't wait for the new businesses to open.

"I'm excited about the new stores that are coming. As a consumer, I think it's great and having access and not having to drive North or South for two hours is lovely and convenient," Morgan says.

Plans for a new housing addition off of 1st and White street, and a daycare on Merrick Drive, were also approved.
Kristi Cox lives in Ardmore and says while the development is exciting, there might be better ways to encourage growth and revitalize the city.

"i think that's my concern. How do we build new housing and plan for that kind of growth? Are we going to put money back into existing areas where houses are being abandoned? That's always something i'm concerned about," Cox said.

Jessica Scott with developmental services says the new homes built on these twelve lots are much needed to accommodate the city's steady growth.

"This is affordable nice single family housing... So that's great. And then of course Chick-Fil-A and the AT&T store... I mean that's huge for Ardmore."

Scott says it will bring more than just convenience to residents...

"The housing construction along with the commercial construction... That brings a lot of jobs to our area and then potentially probably thirty to forty jobs, permanent jobs, to AT&T and Chick-Fil-A and the daycare."

Cox says, "I think anytime there's growth going on in the community it's a positive sign and economic growth is something that Ardmore needs to continue to build on due to our location."

Development services say construction could begin in the next few months and the new homes and businesses could be open by early next year.

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