Mother of Ardmore murder suspect speaks out

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ARDMORE, OK - A judge orders a 20-year-old Ardmore man to stand trial for first degree murder. The murder suspect's mother spoke with News 12 Wednesday saying her son's actions were in self defense.

"He has a big heart, he is loving, he tries to help people," Houser's mother Shelly Gaither said. "It just seems so out of place that this would happen. It is obvious that something bad happened that night."

Houser is charged with first degree murder in the death of 50-year-old Spencer Hales Jr. Hales was found stabbed to death outside his home Oct. 8.

Defense Attorney Jason May said Hales, who is a registered sex offender, lured Houser into his Ardmore home by promising to buy the 20-year-old marijuana and beer.

"Unfortunately, Tommy made the decision to go over there," May said. "His story is that he drank a beer, things got fuzzy and he woke up naked seeing Spencer come at him with a knife."

An affidavit states Houser stabbed Hales multiple times with a knife.

According to May, his client was acting in self defense. May recently created a facebook page called "Justice for Tommy."

Houser remains in jail on a $1.5 million bond. His trial is expected to begin in May.