Mother's day keeps local restaurants packed

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SHERMAN, TX - According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are more than 85 million moms in America, and as Jalah Gray shows us, Mother's Day is one of the busiest holidays of the year, especially for the restaurant business.

"I'm not into flowers, I just like food."

Divina Armijo says her family always spends the whole day with her on Mother's day, and that includes going out to eat, for more than one meal.

"Well that depends on how hungry she is. We generally do a lot of things on Mother's Day, but tradition is movies, out to eat, a lot of eating, pretty much." said Joseph Armijo.

Research shows about 96% of American consumers will spend money celebrating Mother's Day, keeping local restaurants busy all day long.

"Husbands, kids, uncles, aunts, everybody shows up, grandmothers, several generations have been in today." said Kelly Milam.

I-Hop in Sherman had already served more than a thousand customers by noon on Sunday.
Store Manager, Kelly Milam, says it's a holiday that rivals Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

"Well mom's what brought you here so I think that's why." Milam said.

Although the Armijo's will be spending their day out and about, Joseph says he's offered his mom another gift.

"She wants me to mow, so I'll probably mow, anything she wants me to do I'll do today." said Joseph.

"The gift is really nothing, it's more like being together with your family, spending time together the whole day." Divina said.

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