Motocross helps kids learn at Whitesboro Intermediate School

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WHITESBORO, TX - A Whitesboro fourth grade teacher has truly found a way to make learning more fun, and it involves an extreme sport.

"They don't even realize they're learning as they're doing math and statistics and geography and creative writing," said teacher Carol Beale.

Whitesboro fourth grade teacher, Carol Beal has found an inspiring way for her students to really learn, while having a lot of fun. The class tracks the progress of motocross racer Blake Wharton as part of Mrs. Beales program called Tracking 21. Wharton feels that the program is working wonders.

"Mrs. Beale teaches the kids how to learn having fun, ya know? I think that's something that's overlooked most of the time," said Wharton.

Tracking 21 is a cross-curricular project that Beale developed to teach kids everything from geography, math and statistics to communication and fitness. It definitely covers a lot of subjects and continues to amaze Wharton.

"Ya know, I can get on a plane and go from here to Florida but they'll make something of it," Wharton said.

The kids study up on interesting facts about the states that Blake is traveling to and even get to call him once a week to wish him luck and tell him what they've learned.

"We learned this by the way we learned this fact and I'm like for one I didn't even know that, and for two they're kinda hyping me up to race," said Wharton.

Wharton says there are several benefits to participating in Tracking 21, like the fact that he's learning along with the kids and they continue to inspire him. When asked why he enjoys Tracking 21 so much, fourth grader Reid Russell gave the obvious answer...

"Because I just think it's cool that we get to talk to a professional motorcross racer," said Russell.

It's a win-win situation. The kids get to have fun and learn and Wharton gets to be inspired by his very own fan club.

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