Motorcyclists pushing for safety awareness

HOWE, TX - Motorcyclists are traveling around the state this month for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Jeff Henzler is a motorcyclist who spoke to city officials at the Howe City Council meeting Tuesday.

Henzler, who's from Whitesboro, said he travels to other cities informing others about the importance of motorcycle awareness on the road.

He said it's important for people to be aware of their surroundings when driving on the road and to always check your blind spots.

"Just want to get motorists aware that we're out there, we're in the blind spots and we're real small and they run over us all the time. In order to get people more aware of us we have to do these things," said Henzler, a motorcyclist.

"We just want motorists to be aware that we're out there. We're vulnerable and we just want you to watch out for us," said Jeff Stanley, Mayor of Howe.

For more information on motorcycle awareness CLICK HERE

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