Multiple fires destroy Sherwood Shores homes

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SHERWOOD SHORES, TX -- Two fires on the same street destroyed a home and three trailers in Sherwood Shores Thursday night. And authorities say it is no accident.

While no one was hurt, these two fires are just the latest in a string of suspicious fires in that area.

Neighbors who live near the two vacant homes that burned, off Allen A Dale Drive in Sherwood Shores, say this isn't the first time they have seen suspicious fires in the area.

"I just wish it'd quit," said one neighbor.

As the flames grew, early Thursday morning, this man, who doesn't want to give his full name, went around to make sure his neighbors were ok.

"I went over to check on their houses and make sure they weren't on fire and do what I could do to do anything I could to assist," he said.

Grayson County Fire Marshal, Kevin Walton, says they are calling the fires suspicious and are following up on leads.

"We more than likely are looking at more than one arsonist in our area. That is to be determined, but by the types of fire and the way they were ignited, we're looking at more than one arsonist in our location," said Sherwood Shores Fire Chief, Tim Bilderback.

These 2 fires have not been the only suspicious fires lately. there have been several in the Sherwood Shores area.

In 2011, just a few blocks away on Ivanhoe drive, a home was set on fire. Fire officials say there have been several more in the past few months.

Other neighbors say they're worried for their own homes.

"Wouldn't it make you nervous? Somebody out burning houses down?" one neighbor asked.

"Eventually they're going to set a house on fire that's next to somebody else's house and they might be sleeping and they might not could get out of the house and they're eventually going to kill someone. And you know I hate to see that happen, and its going to happen if it keeps going," said another.

Officials say a house and three trailers were destroyed in Thursday's fire.

If you have any information on these fires, you are urged to contact the Grayson County Sheriff's Office or the Fire Marshal.

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