Murdered ECU student laid to rest

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STUART, OK -- Nearly a week ago, an ECU student who authorities say was doing a favor for a fellow classmate was shot and killed.

Generro Sanchez had offered to drive Jerrod Murray to an area Walmart. But authorities say, Murray shot and killed Sanchez, leaving his body in Pottawatomie County. They say Murray turned himself in not far from the scene.

He's charged with murder, and is being held without bond.

Wednesday, Sanchez's family and friends gathered to say goodbye to the teenager who touched their lives.

They asked Nicolette Schleisman to come to his hometown of Stuart, Oklahoma to show everyone how Generro Sanchez will be remembered.

"Anything that belongs to Generro Sanchez, would you please stand up and let that camera see you. My step son will never be forgotten and he WILL be missed," said Generro's stepfather, Bill West.

Hundreds of Generro Sanchez's friends and family held him close to their hearts, wearing his shirts, donning purple and black ribbons with a lone "g" on it, and holding tight to anything Generro once treasured.

"Everybody was wanting something that belonged to Generro Sanchez," said West.

They poured into the Stuart school gymnasium to say one last goodbye.

Every one of them, turned to each other for support, and to one last image of their friend.

Sanchez moved to the small town of Stuart, Oklahoma in 2005, and immediately made it his home.

Principal Tracy Blasengame says he watched him grow up.

"Everybody loved him. You could tell by the number of people here. Probably just about the whole town was here. Anybody that could was in the doors," said Blasengame.

"He wanted to be in this community. Surrounded by these people that loved him," said Scott Harris, family friend.

There were tears and laughter as friends shared their memories of Generro.

"I think what he loved the most was getting to know you. And then raiding your refrigerators," said West.

"He gave others the benefit of the doubt and went out of his way to make those around him feel welcome," said Harris.

"He will definitely be missed, but he'll never be forgotten," said Blasengame.

"And so on behalf of the family... Thank you for loving Generro Sanchez," said Harris.