Murray County sheriff reviews jail policies after two recent inmate escapes

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SULPHUR, OK -- The Murray County inmate who escaped yesterday is back behind bars today.

"He just went through the back of my house. Just went through my alley..."

After her brush with an escaped inmate around midnight, Angie Barker grabbed her cell phone and shot this video.

Barker said, "For about 8 hours yesterday we were nothing but scared to let the kids out, to go outside, for me to even take the trash out or even just to get in my car."

Barker lives in Sulphur just a couple blocks from both the jail and the Chickasaw National Park Area.
The same area 6 different law enforcement agencies searched for hours Wednesday looking for inmate Brandon Evans.
Evans broke out of the jail close to noon on Wednesday, leading to a multi-agency manhunt.

"I had like 20 police cars just around my house and helicopters above my house and it was really scary," said Barker

Barker says Wednesday night, she began hearing reports that Evans was in her neighborhood.

"And they blocked him in. Right north of me and right south of my house and that's when they caught him just right up the roa," said Barker.

"They got him. Praise the Lord. My kids can go to sleep now."

Sheriff Darrel Richardson says Evans was caught around midnight and taken back to the jail.
This is the second escape from the Murray County jail in two weeks.
Roger Goodall broke out on may 23rd and was found a week later in Texas.
He is also back into custody but the sheriff's office is facing some tough questions about their security.
Sheriff Richardson says they're looking into their policies.

"Changes need to probably take place at the county jailhouse," said Barker.

Evans sister, Tasha Lovell, agrees.
She says they need better security for the safety of everyone involved.

"Every single one of us has been up, we've been stressed, we've been crying, and we love him, you know, and it's something hard to deal with," said Lovell.

She's glad no one, including her brother, got hurt.

"Tthe Marshalls really helped us out you know and we just hope that he stays safe in there," said Lovell.

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