Murray State College holds self defense classes

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TISHOMINGO, OK - Tuesday night these students kneed, elbowed and kicked their way through class. Course instructor Eric Farmer said he has one main goal.

"What we're trying to do is get the kids aware of, you know, there are dangers out there and were trying to get them to where they can physically defend themselves," he said.

And the students just want to be ready for an attack.

"You never know if it's gonna happen, I hope it never happens, but it's just good to learn that way in case you were in a situation you would know what to do," said self defense student Nakota Taylor.

"I think women need to be more prepared because I think they think women are more vulnerable than guys," said Cydnie West, who also took the class.

"We go over scenarios, things that might happen," said Farmer. "Getting grabbed from behind, from the front, different attacks, how to deal with those."

Farmer also said that if you are out and about and you find yourself in a self-defense situation don't use what you see in movies. Instead use your knees and your elbows to fight back.

He hopes this is just the beginning.

"We're going to try to do it every semester," Farmer said. "It's a free class, it's on their time so if they want to do it they just show up."

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