Murray Co. deputy fired for alleged violent behavior

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SULPHUR, OK - A Murray County deputy with a record of violent past behavior has been terminated from the Murray County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Darrin Rogers says the deputy was let go because of his past conduct.

On October 8, Deputy Craig Billings allegedly beat 20-year-old Logan Grinstead after he was arrested for public intoxication at the Elks Lodge in Sulphur.

According to Grinstead's attorney Tim Kittle, when Grinstead was being booked into the Murray County jail, Grinstead was making remarks toward officers. Billings allegedly threw Grinstead to the ground and repeatedly beat his head on the floor.

Grinstead did receive medical attention for a concussion, then was rebooked into Murray County Jail.

Grinstead's attorney said they are in the process of filing a case against the Murray County Sheriff's Department, but sees no wrong doing of Sulphur Police.

The Elks Lodge employee who called the police said Grinstead was violating Elks Lodge rules.

"Logan was being disruptive is all it was, and we told him he had to leave," Roger Goodman said. "He came into our bar area and there is only one area where we allow only 21-years-old or above and Logan is not 21. I have know Logan for years."

But Goodman said this is not the first time Billings has been aggressive.

"A few months back they had a situation where I guess he maced somebody," Goodman said. "I can't remember what all happened but I just saw it in the paper the other day and I thought that was the reason he got fired. Then I heard something happened to Logan." Goodman said.

In August, an appellate court found that Billings violated a Sulphur family's 4th Amendment rights four years ago when he forcefully entered their home and sprayed them with pepper spray in pursuit of their teen son on a minor traffic stop violation.

The family requested an ambulance but were denied. The mother and stepfather were later transported to a local hospital and then arrested for obstructing an officer. The charges against them were later dropped.

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