NCTC Cosmetology Teams up with Abigail's Arms to cut out domestic violence

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(GAINESVILLE, TEXAS) -- October is domestic violence awareness month and one group of NCTC Students is teaming up with Abigail's Arms to cut out domestic violence.

Every 9 seconds in the U.S a woman is assaulted or beaten.

In an effort to cut down on domestic violence the cosmetology department at NCTC is again teaming up with Abigail's Arms. Volunteers say hair stylists are put in a trusting position by their clients and can play a key role in stopping domestic abuse.

Janice Lawson volunteers with Abigail's Arms and says " they are in a unique position to be able to help women and see the signs of domestic abuse."

Jenny Faim is a hair stylist who's participated in the "cut it out" program, " I have recognized signs of abuse in clients..and referred them..given them the number..also been able to listen to them..counsel on them..and to love on them and to offer emotional support as well."

Advocates say some signs to look for include bruises normally covered by hair or patches of hair that have been pulled out, " clients that are just a little more reserved than they have been..just not willing to talk very much..and also the husband calling a lot of times while they're at the salon..and the husband staying at the salon."

Students say they look forward to being able to provide support to clients in need. Luis Barrientos says, "if they can trust me..that would be awesome..i would want them to know they can trust me and I can help them."

The students will visit all 30 Gainesville salons, passing out information, in hopes of getting more salons to join the "Cut it Out program."