NCTC approves new agriculture center

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GAINESVILLE, TX - Students at North Central Texas College will soon be getting a new building for their agriculture department. Administrators say its finally going to put years of confusion and problems to an end.

The NCTC board of regents unanimously approved the demolition of their current agriculture building Monday night and once this building is torn down they can start construction on a new facility.

"The idea that we'll actually be able to utilize this building more fully is going to be a great benefit," said Bill Kaben, equine instructor for NCTC.

The current agriculture center is not like any other building on campus. Its actually a two-story mobile home that the administration converted to a classroom.

"It needs some new siding. Its got some very old plumbing in it. We've also had some issues with mold growing inside the walls. We've had to tear out some walls and replace them in the past," said Robbie Baugh, NCTC's senior director of campus operations.

The new building is expected to cost around $350,000 and NCTC says it will all be paid for by funds from previous projects that fell through.

They have not yet hired a contractor for the project so work isn't expected to start until summer 2015.

"We anticipate having a new building on the ground somewhere between mid-August, late September time frame," said Baugh.

The administration says the new building will be about 3,400 square feet.and will hold classes for the agricultural sciences, horticultural and equine sciences.

The new building will have one classroom, a lab and offices for the entire Agriculture department.

"Bringing us all under one roof, having that identification on campus is going to be probably one of the nicest parts," said Kaben.

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