NCTC holds active shooter training

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- Eva Beck was alone in her North Central Texas College office one day when she saw a suspicious man in a black hoodie enter the building.

It was suspicious because it was 95 degrees outside.

"And I reminder thinking 'oh my lord,' and it kinda scared me, but I didn't do anything because he had already walked out the door."

That was six years ago. She said today she would respond much more actively.

"We would much rather get called and it would be nothing, than to not get called and it be something," said Capt. Kevin Phillips, Gainesville PD.

That's the message Gainesville Police want to drive home - report anything suspicious.

And it's why Gainesville PD held an active shooter training session with NCTC faculty and staff Wednesday.

"Anytime there's a group of people gathered there could be an active shooter event," Phillips said.

Phillips stressed three main points: avoid, deny and defend. He said first try to evacuate the building.

"[If you can't escape] deny access to your location if at all possible. And then of course the last adage is to defend yourself if necessary," he said.

Phillips showed a video by the city of Houston, demonstrating how to properly react if you're in an active shooter situation.

"We want them to understand that law enforcement is responding, we're coming, but it may take us a few minutes to get here," he said.

Right now NCTC uses a private security firm.

But Robbie Baugh, director of Campus Operations, said they're discussing establishing a campus police department at Monday's board meeting.

"I think it's just time, with that many students on campus it's a real need," he said.

Beck said Wednesday's presentation taught her to be more diligent.

"Think about how you're going to defend yourself if you have to."

Phillips said they gave the same class to Gainesville ISD faculty. They plan to hold more classes at NCTC over the next few days.

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