National Flight Cadet Academy lands in Durant

DURANT, OK-- The City of Durant has landed the National Flight Academy of the Civil Air Patrol for the first time.

Expectations are flying high for the cadets that are attending this year's National Flight Academy at Eaker Field. Only 19 of more than 130 teens from across the country were selected to participate, one of those is Durant resident 18-year-old Nathan Harrell.

"Very exciting. There are very few cadets that actually get accepted to them," Harrel said.

"Cadets are coming in from all over the United States to learn to fly for the first time," Captain John Wyatt said.

During the ten days of training Mission Pilot Captain John Wyatt says these cadets are learning how to take off, land and and the end goal to fly solo.

"Soloing means you're going up in one of these things on your own, and that can be quite nerve racking honestly," Cook said.

Monday our cameras caught Houston Native 16-year-old Casey Cook flying solo for his first time, and after successfully completing his first flight alone he got a warm welcome back with a worldwide tradition -- his shirt cut and buckets of water poured over his head.

The academy not only uplifts the cadets, but the entire city too.

The City of Durant is getting a very good look at what's going on in civil air patrol as for the cadet programs, the emergency services side, but you also have a lot of people looking at Durant and seeing how Progressive Durant's getting as a city," Wyatt said.