New $1.5 million NTRA hangar almost finished

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DENISON, TEXAS -- This 28,000 square foot hangar is now on the market.

It's the first landmark on the west side of the North Texas Regional Airport, where there's over 200 acres waiting to be developed.

"Two hundred twenty acres, you can put a lot on it. I lot of it is aviation-related use, some of it is commercial/retail," airport director Mike Shahan said.

Ninety-five percent of the airport hangars are occupied, most of them on the east side of the runway. Now, the west side is primed for growth.

But Shahan says until they build more hangars like these, businesses aren't likely to come.

"That's our biggest drawback is having available space, ready for somebody to move in," Shahan said.

"Eighty percent of all businesses look for existing facilities. So when we're out marketing Sherman, Denison, the airport, it's really great if you have an available building," Tony Kaai with Denison Development Alliance said.

And now, they do.

Shahan says five businesses are interested in the hangar, but it's not first come first serve.

"We just won't lease it to anybody. It won't be just storage, it's going to be tied to jobs and stuff that will benefit the area," Shahan said.

Texas Turbines got the ball rolling on the project, but pulled out shortly after construction started.

"Well it was a little bit of a set back, but we understood their business plan, their goals and what they wanted," Shahan said.

The county is finishing the construction, primarily with insurance proceeds.

The Denison Development Alliance says they'd consider building more to entice companies to move to the area.

"If that hangar becomes occupied and we're able to sell it, lease it, to get the cash flow, then we would probably look at maybe doing another one," Kaai said.

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