New Denison high school, stadium nearly finished

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DENISON,TX---Graduation is set to take place at the new Munson Stadium in June as construction is nearing its end.

"On a daily basis it's gonna look different, just drive by and look at it, it's gonna be different every day." said Keith Citty.

Construction is coming along on Munson Stadium. The new steel frame of what will be the press box is a visible sign.

The renovations will cost the district 6 million dollars; paid for by donations from the community and help from the city.

"Everybody was excited to see it going vertical, coming up out of the ground, there's a lot of prep work that goes into it before it gets to do that." said Citty.

The new stadium is one of the district's two big construction projects. The other? The brand new high school, which is now nearly finished.

"It will be a state of the art school from every aspect." said Scott.

The 61 million dollar high school was paid for by a bond issue passed back in 2011.

Denison superintendent Dr. Henry Scott says he's received lots of positive feedback about the high school and the stadium and appreciates the community support.

"There's an excitement in this community, I can't go the downtown without somebody commenting about the new high school." said Scott.

"In just a few months the stadium here will be finished and there will be many new things for jackets players and fans."

From new field goal and turf to concessions stands and a new field goals the stadium will look brand new.

"There's also an area in there for the referees locker room." said Citty.

The stadium upgrade has special meaning for project superintendent Keith Citty.

"I couldn't be more proud, I've got kids that go to this school, I live here in Denison, I'm super excited." said Citty.

The projects have been in the works for twenty years and the district says they are excited it's all happening now.

"The money was available the need was there, and so all of it will come in place this summer." said Scott.

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