New Grayson County 911 emergency communications center in works

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- County commissioners are working on expanding safety with a new 911 communications center.

"911 operations are critical to public safety," said Commissioner Jeff Whitmire.

That's why Grayson County commissioners are trying to improve emergency response time.

"Our plan is to construct a new building for the 911 call center, adjacent to our existing communications tower.," said Whitmire.

Last year, the plan was to move the communications center to an abandoned Sherman building off Crockett and Lake street.

But that plan failed when they discovered zoning laws prohibited a cell tower from being installed in that area.

Despite the setback, Commissioner Jeff Whitmire says the county is dedicated to protecting its residents.

"If emergencies are going on, residents need to know that if they call 911, someone is going to be able to answer that call," said Whitmire.

The county budgeted about a million dollars for the new center.

The $650,000 that had been set aside to move the center into the renovated building, will now be used to fund the construction of a new 2-thousand square foot building off FM 1417.

Commissioners say they plan to use another $350,000 for new equipment.

"A 911 center will have state of the art technology, it will be staffed by trained professionals; it's going to enhance the safety of Grayson County residents," said judge elect Bill Magers.

County officials say designs shown at recent budget hearings were too costly, so a new, more cost effective design, will be unveiled at an upcoming meeting.

Judge-elect Bill Magers, says this project will improve safety for everyone in Grayson County.

"We need to make sure we have the right public safety apparatus in place, and this 911 center is part of that apparatus," said Magers.