New affordable housing being built in Hugo

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HUGO, OKLAHOMA -- In six months time, this red dirt will be the foundation for 25 brick houses.

"It's very exciting and we're very very pleased," Hugo City Manager Jeff Rabon said.

Hugo qualified for federal funding allocated through the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency. The funding helped attract Sunview Development to build this affordable housing neighborhood.

"There's a huge need for good housing in rural Oklahoma," Lance Windel with Sunview Development said.

But not everyone can move into these homes; you have to meet income requirements. For those people moving into a single person home, they must make $18,000 or less, with higher income thresholds for families.

"After you income qualify for these properties, you don't ever have to qualify again. So if you get a promotion in your job or anything like that, you still qualify. They want you to better yourself," Teresa Lucas with Sunview Development said.

These homes are rentals that provide a path to home ownership.

"The house remains a rental for 15 years, but after year five, a portion of the rent every month can be used as a down payment at year 15 to purchase the house," Windel said.

Rabon says more homeowners means a higher tax base.

"That's the tax base ad valorem for our schools that helps fund services, emergency services, hospitals and things of that nature," Rabon said.

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