New bike trail to open in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX - A group of volunteers is partnering with the city of Sherman to create an off-road bike trail which opens Saturday.

After nearly a year of work, the new Binkley Park Bike Trail is set to open.

"We actually started cutting trail and working and I saw so much of the community excited about this whole venture," said trail steward Jason Griffin.

Jason Griffin and other volunteers have been cutting branches and clearing brush since last April, and are excited the off-road trail is almost ready to open to the public, "People have been coming to me and saying 'Jason we've got these bikes that have been sitting in the garage for ten years and we're going to go get them fixed up' or I've had buddies go and get new bikes from here locally...they're getting ready for it."

No City funds have been used on the project, rather, the City is allowing the group to use 60 acres of its land.

"This is a great example of how the City can work with volunteers in order to provide services and opportunities for our citizens that the city otherwise would not be able to offer," said Don Keene, Director of Community Support Services for Sherman.

Griffin tells News 12 they eventually want to expand the 2 and a half mile loop for beginning mountain bikers to be 7 miles long.

"I hope people come out and enjoy it. I enjoy riding bikes and I know there's a lot of people around here that do so I hope everybody gets out and gives it a roll you know? It's gonna be fun," said volunteer Jeff Harrison who's spent days working on the trail.

The trail officially opens to the public Saturday--Griffin says they want everyone using the trail to wear helmets and proper protective gear.

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