New bill to protect gun owners' social security numbers

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SHERMAN, TX---Concealed handgun owners wont have to give out certain private information anymore following a new bill in Texas.

A list of bills concerning concealed handgun licenses have been in effect since September, and one more will go into effect beginning in January.

When someone goes to get a license they don't have to provide their social security number.

"It just helps with the whole detail of verifying who you are." said Webb.

Jason Webb is the owner at Red River Firearms in Sherman. He says the bill won't change the license process that much.

He says in the past, providing your social has always been optional, and is just one way to help identify someone.

"If your name is John Smith, and it's just a very common name, it just gives another point of reference to distinguish who you are." said Webb.

Robert Robinson visits the store every now and then, to shoot a couple of rounds.

He says the IRS already asks for important info, so the less information you give out the better.

"They actually ask you to put your social security number on your payment on your check, and so if someone was to steal that out of your mailbox if you live in the country or whatever, they'd have your social security number, your address." said Robinson.

"You'll 'x' that because they have a CHL, they've already gone through a background check, both locally and federally." said Webb.

Despite this new bill, Webb says technology has already helped to identify individuals.

"It comes down to the technology they have nowadays, so when you apply online at the DPS website, that starts you into the queue and that actually starts gathering information information from all the different agencies and stuff like your driver's license and all that." said Webb.

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