New business brings jobs, development to Bonham

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BONHAM, TX -- A major manufacturing company is headed to Bonham this summer - and they'll eventually bring more than 40 jobs and about $5 million with them.

Carlos Medina, plant manager, said they couldn't be more excited to move to Bonham.

"They really made us feel at home, and gave us a good welcome," he said. "We get to hire people, we get to know people, and let them join the team."

The company says it will bring 20 jobs the first year. They'll add 15 jobs the year after that.

Mayor Roy Floyd said the company will replace General Cable, which closed more than a decade ago.

"We've got people who have produced cable here before. And now we have some institutional memory that will help us to produce cable for years to come right here in Bonham, Texas," he said.

The company originally looked at moving to Mexico.

Wire and Plastic owner Rick Narang said he helped convince Trans Cable to move to Bonham. Wire and Plastic operates next door and rents part of the building to Trans Cable.

Narang worked with the city to offer benefits and lower rent to the company.

"It's a win-win. It has to be a win-win for the long term, otherwise, it's just not a good solution," he said.

Medina said they're moving in equipment. Once they get settled they'll make samples and send them to headquarters for approval.

"Then we're fully qualified to start production," he said.

The company plans to start hiring this summer. They're working with Workforce Solution Texoma to recruit employees.

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