New data shows majority of Texans polled support assault weapons ban

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Ben Wible uses a variety of guns to keep pests away from his crops - one of which is an AR-15.

It's a part of being a farmer.

"I've harvested hogs with it, but it wouldn't be my first choice," Wible said.

He prefers a .44 magnum. But he's in the minority among hog hunters.

Gerald Smith with Red River Firearms said hogs normally travel in big groups.

"Primarily the ones I know use the AR-15 platform, because they do have the 30 round magazine," Smith said.

But assault weapons have been coming under fire. And outside of rural areas, the idea is catching on - even here in Texas.

New polling data by Public Policy Polling shows 49 percent of Texans support a ban on assault weapons. Forty-one percent still oppose the ban.

The agency hasn't released national numbers. But a Pew Research Center poll shows 55 percent of the country supports a ban. No agencies have polled Oklahoma residents.

"I'm a little surprise that the state of Texas is showing any type of support on a gun ban, or anything like that," Smith said.

Assault rifle sales are booming at Red River Firearms, Smith said.

"Can't keep them on the shelf," he said. "They're going as fast as you can get them in stock."

Wible said he doesn't anticipate Texas passing any sort of gun ban. But said an assault weapon ban shouldn't affect hog hunts.

"All of these rifles are designed to do one thing, which is push a bullet down a barrel toward a target," he said.

The same study says 47 percent of Texans trust the NRA more than they trust the president.

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